The re-brand of Tiki Island Family Golf into UFOs Pensacola Beach required supplemental materials to work alongside the new branding by HatchMark Studio. As part of the in-house marketing team for Innisfree Hotels, which manages the golf destination, I had the opportunity to create illustrations for retail, stickers, and cornhole games.
Cornhole Game Decals
Two unique illustrations with hand lettering for UFOs cornhole games.
I found inspiration for these designs from psychedelic art and Lisa Frank designs. I sketched thumbnails on paper, finalized the chosen illustrations using Procreate, then prepared them for print using Adobe Illustrator.
Mockup of two cornhole games with illustrations and the text "Ready for take off!" and "Shoot for the stars"
10 thumbnail sketches of cornhole game decal designs
Illustration with hand lettered pun for UFOs retail.
There are limitless jokes you can write about aliens, the beach, and ice cream. This design features an alien in its spacecraft scooping up an ice cream cone.
Mockups of "Scoop Me Up!" design on kids t-shirt and infant onesie
Illustrated and hand lettered die-cut stickers to promote UFOs.
I had a lot of ideas for UFOs overall, but especially for stickers; I had multiple sheets of sketches on Procreate. It was difficult to choose the final three, but in the future it would be fun to incorporate some of my other ideas for UFOs materials.

Mockups of three stickers: "Take me to your beach Pensacola Beach, FL," "Area 850," and illustration of a dolphin being abducted by a UFO
8 sketches of sticker designs
Art direction — Morgan Walker and Jillian Streff
Graphic design — Olivia Ashcraft

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