During August and September 2018, I created 30 logos, and it was most definitely a challenge. I underestimated the amount of time, effort, and creativity needed to complete this challenge, but I'm so glad I did it! In this logo compilation, you can see my growth as a logo designer. Though there are some outliers, I feel like I have a recognizable style to my logos now. This challenge taught me how to work faster, and how to keep sketching and brainstorming until I finally thought of something worthwhile. For each logo, I sketched on paper beforehand (I've almost filled up a whole sketchbook!) before bringing my ideas into Adobe Illustrator. Some days it was a struggle, and other days it was a breeze, but in the end I finished the challenge! I hope you enjoy this collection of logos as much as I enjoyed creating them. —OA

More information about each logo can be found on my Instagram and Dribbble profiles.

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