SynThesis logo
SynThesis is the biannual exhibition for graduating Fine Arts majors at the University of West Florida. For this project, I was working with the director of TAG as well as the eight graduating artists to create an exhibition identity that represented the group.
The nine sliced circles in the logo represent the breaking apart and coming back together of an artist through learning, stylistic changes, feedback, and constructive criticism, to eventually reach self-knowledge as a creative person.
Some of the notes I jotted down at the start of the project included "breakdown, an end, a new beginning." Taking inspiration from the phases of the moon, I created a sliced circle design. Some other preliminary ideas I had included reflected or cut type.
SynThesis logo
Six initial SynThesis logo ideas
SynThesis logo
Poster Designs
Two tabloid posters to promote the exhibition and artists featured. The primary poster uses the sliced circles as a repeating element, while the artists poster is sliced into sections for each artist's name and a peek at their work.
A couple of my previous ideas for posters had the circles directed diagonally or vertically, which didn't feel cohesive to the identity. Also, originally I was going to design eight individual artists posters, but it was decided to create just one poster that featured all artists.
Mockup of two posters on a concrete background
Four (two main and two artist) poster design ideas for SynThesis
Postcard Designs
7 x 5" postcards to promote the event and artists featured. The primary postcard has the logo on a black background, and the artists postcard features a peek at the artists' work like the artists poster. Both postcards use the same back design with information about the event.
Mockup of three postcards on a concrete background
Title Wall Design
For the title wall, the logo design was printed on clear plastic and attached to the entrance wall with a gap in-between it and the wall. This created shadows from the printed portion of the plastic, which the gallery lighting multiplied.
I created a mockup of the title wall for the director to explain my idea. I initially thought the title wall would hang from the ceiling, but it look much neater to be attached at the corners.
SynThesis logo on the title wall
Photo from TAG TheArtGallery on Flickr
Photo from TAG TheArtGallery on Flickr
Photo from TAG TheArtGallery on Flickr
Photo from TAG TheArtGallery on Flickr
Art direction — Joseph Herring and Amy Ruddick
Graphic design — Olivia Ashcraft

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